District News

Picture Day ~ 9/19 (order until 9/21)

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Jog-A-Thon Sponsor Form due 10/2

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Order your Jog-A-Thon shirt by 10/6

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Jog-A-Thon ~ 10/27

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Wall Tile Decorating Day - 11/8

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Order See's Candy

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Christmas Store 12/11 &12

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Preview Day ~ 1/20/18

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Islands Night ~ 1/30

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Spring Benefit ~ 4/28

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Craft Faire ~ 4/13

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Chipotle Night ~ 5/9

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School Supplies

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Open House ~ May 18

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Back To School Night ~ 9/21

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Wall Tile orders due 10/27

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Grandparent/VIP Day ~ 10/13

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Parent/Teacher Conference Sign Ups

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Eat at Rubio's ~ 12/11

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Clothes for a Cause ~ 1/08/18

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Sports Day ~ 1/31

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Wacky Wednesday ~ 2/28

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Internet/Social Media Safety ~ May 22

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Welcome Back Picnic ~ 9/9

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School Calendar 2017-18

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Prospective Family Preview Day ~ 10/21

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Matthew 25 Challenge

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MOD Pizza ~ 3/7

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Spiritwear Orders

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Wall Tile orders due ~ 9/22

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Western Day and Craft Faire ~ 11/3

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Prospective Parent Information Night ~ 3/8

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Extended Care - KIDS XP

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Uniform Info 2018-19

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Summer Workshops/Tutoring

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Band Information

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TB Screening Form

Summer Camp Info

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Chess Scholars

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2018-19 Calendar

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Uniforms 2018-19

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HCS Spring Benefit Video

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