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    6th Co-ed Soccer. 7th and 8th Girls Football. 6th, 7th and 8th Boys Volleyball


Late Winter Season:

7th/8th Boys and Girls Soccer - Click Here     


Golf Season:

6th/7th/8th Co-ed Golf Information - Click Here

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What you need to play on a team at HCS

Vicki Marsha Sports Team Uniform: Click Here

    Required to wear to HCS team practices: both the grey HCS shirt and navy blue HCS shorts

    Required to wear to HCS team games: navy blue HCS shorts and players will be given a team jersey for the season

        * Students cannot wear just any navy blue shorts and grey shirt. It has to be the Vicki Marsha Sports Team Uniform               shirt and shorts.  

        *Students do not change out for PE. They wear their regular school uniform to PE. The only exception is that girls                 may change into the Vicki Marsha navy blue shorts, if they prefer not to wear their school uniform skirt to PE.


Athletic Packet 2018-2019 - Click Here

Physical Form 2018-2019 -  Click Here                                                                                                                               

Players have to have a physical from within the last year to participate in any games. It is recommend to have it done over the summer. You can turn it into the front office.   

Players and parents also fill out an Athletic Packet. The packet is not given out or due until your child makes a team. You fill out one packet per year, even if your child plays on multiple teams during the year.

Player Fee - $125 per sport


How to set up your Team Notifications on MyHCS once you are on a team. Click Here


HCS Teams for 6th/7th/8th Grade Students 2018-2019
All team and schedule details will be emailed out and posted a couple weeks before tryouts. 
Fall Season – mid September through mid November 
Girls Basketball – 6th, 7th, and 8th  ( 1 team per grade)  CALOC League 
Boys Flag Football - 6th, 7th, and 8th  (1 team per grade)  CALOC League

Winter Season – Tryouts the first week of December. Games are January and February.  
Girls Volleyball – 6th (2 teams), 7th (1 team), and 8th (1 team)     CALOC League
Boys Basketball– 6th (2 teams), 7th (2 teams), and 8th (1 team)      CALOC League

Late Winter Season -  
7th/8th Soccer (1 boys team/1 girls team) - Tryouts week of February 4th. Games are February 26 through March 21.   
6th - 8th coed roller hockey - Tryouts January. Games March through May     i3 Ducks League

Spring Season – Mid March through the end of May 
Coed – 6th Soccer (1 team)  CALOC League
Girls - 7th and 8th  Flag Football  (1 team per grade)    CALOC League
Boys – 6th, 7th and 8th Volleyball (1 team per grade)   CALOC League
Coed - 6th - 8th Golf  (B Team practices.A team practices and plays in matches) Beach Cities League at Costa Mesa CC

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League Standings Winter 2019