About Us

  • Huntington Christian School is a private Christian school located in Orange County.  We are a ministry of First Christian Church of Huntington Beach. 
  • The school exists to meet the intellectual, spiritual, social, cultural, and physical needs of all the children attending the school.
  • The school will strive for constant improvement in the educational program to achieve optimum development of the learner and to provide a school environment that will best promote the students’ learning to foster their spiritual growth in the Christian faith.
  • The school will provide an efficient and effective school management consistent with proper expenditures of school funds.
  • A close contact will be kept with the parent(s) of the child(ren) as well as the officers and members of the church.
  • H.C.S. will seek and retain credentialed teachers qualified academically, Biblically sound and with a life that reflects a daily walk with the Lord.
  • H.C.S. will foster in each child a feeling of personal self-worth with an ever-increasing awareness of man’s responsibility to God and to his fellow man.